Seat of Wisdom A Theological and Pastoral Journal    ISSN 2154-8757 
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Editorial Policy

            The online journal, Seat of Wisdom, is produced by the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception (in Huntington, NY) of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY, and reflects this Seminary's mission to form men for the priesthood and permanent deaconate, and lay women and men for service to the people of God. In each issue the journal publishes a variety of writings that reflect the diversity of the educational and formative tasks necessary for the Seminary to fulfill its mission, addressed to a local and international audience that shares the Christian faith but hails from different cultural backgrounds.  Writings are selected for their contribution to the theological effort to make the Gospel intelligible in the modern world, and the pastoral goal of living, communicating and ministering the faith for the people of God today. While Seat of Wisdom abides by the interpretation of Christian revelation developed in the Catholic tradition, the journal is open to pieces reflective of other Christian traditions, seeking to advance the ecumenism embraced by the Catholic Church at the Second Vatican Council.  The journal will duly consider any piece whose topic falls within the height and depth of the theological endeavor—biblical studies, Church history, historical and dogmatic (systematic) theology, moral and spiritual theology, liturgical and sacramental theology, etc—and the length and breadth of pastoral ministry—pastoral experience and praxis, Church law and discipline, cultural critiques and sociological studies, etc.  Articles that address the intersection of theology with other disciplines, especially philosophy and pedagogical / formative practices, are also welcome.
            The variety of writings contained in each issue of Seat of Wisdom include peer-reviewed, research articles; the Seminary’s two annual lectures and other important addresses given in the local church; homilies; faculty essays; exemplary student course papers; book reviews; and poetry.  Owing to their difference in type, each kind of writing is held to respective critical and formatting standards that also take into account the credentials of the author and the purpose of the piece.  To keep these distinctions clear to the reader, every published piece bears a descriptive label to indicate what can be expected of it, as well as pertinent information about its author.  Thus, research articles are held to the standards of academia in terms of a post-graduate degreed author, historical research, engagement with contemporary discussion, rigor of argument, and full set of supporting footnotes and bibliography, etc, since their purpose is to add to the critical theological effort to articulate the intelligibility and relevance of the Christian faith.  Student papers, however, are judged according to what our faculty expect from students in their courses, each piece being a small measure of the Seminary’s success in the intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation of the student author.  Editorial judgment to include any individual piece will be subject to this overall commitment to produce this diversity of writings for each issue.  Finally, this variety in the kind of pieces that Seat of Wisdom is committed to publishing for every issue necessitates different subsets of submission guidelines, which prospective authors are asked to review and follow before sending their submission.


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